Nihodilhil by Jay Begay

     Nihodilhil is the Navajo first world of darkness. In our origin story we begin in darkness and emerge into the present world.  It doesn’t say we emerge into light, just that we have a journey to our present world.

     That is real to me. My world is filled with journeys from darkness to the present. I think of my dark times, like when my girlfriend and I are fighting, and I lose all perspective. The other day I was angry at everyone in the house and then one of the younger ones came to me with a problem at school. Some of the girls were making fun of her shoes and she wanted revenge. That brought me back to this world with a jolt. I realized that my problems were not that much and I knew how to deal with it. So I told her how we emerged from darkness into the present and learned how to live in this world. So I asked her “How would you deal with these girls?” She didn’t know so we lit a candle and some sage and just sat for a while. Finally she said “I’m okay. I just needed someone to listen.”

     I read that learning to live in the present is hard for everyone. We are too much in our own heads. It helps to have young ones around to pull me back into the present.

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