Still There by Nathan Blackwater

They are still there.

Huddled in the alleyway.

The happy holiday is over.

There are still there.


So what is good about it?

They greet me shyly

As I share my food

And hand out gloves.


I think how long it took me

To look beyond

To move toward the light

To believe I could


“I’ve been here 12 years,”

Says an old man

Kicked out of his home

Isolated from caring.


“Only two months for me,”

Says another.

“I don’t see a way out,

It’s all so hard.”


What words do I have

That make a difference

That can reach out.

That can offer a chance?


So I make another sandwich

And find some more gloves

And touch them on the shoulder

And hope they make a connection.


I’ve messed up

And I have moved on

I have been the worst

And yet I am somehow cherished.


So I continue to stop

Give another slice of bread

Say “What up?” with energy

And be blessed.

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