No Homeless in Heaven by Jacob Nez

    “There will be no homeless in Heaven,” says an old man with few teeth. At first I thought he meant that the homeless would not be allowed in heaven but he meant that all the homeless around us would have homes when they die.  

     This is so wrong that people who live desperate ways think they have to die before they can live in a home, or take a shower or eat enough. I lived homeless as a child with my mom when she couldn’t get a job. I saw the hostile looks when people would pass me on the sidewalk and the disgust when they could smell me.

     Do people think that most of us choose to live on the streets?

     My prayers this new year is for us who are in a good place to treat street people as family, especially the children who are coping as best they can.

    I wish I could tell them that  they don’t  have to wait until they die; that there will be no homeless in Albuquerque.





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