What Did You Get? by Joseph Begay


     This is my first week after Christmas in the big city and I am surprised how many people ask the same thing. “How was your Christmas? What did you get?” I’m surprised. I guess I am used to being with Church people now who talk about the story of a new life and how to help those who are hungry—not what we got. But then older children never got Christmas presents.

      I try to think of what I used to do the week between Christmas and New Year’s. We had a lot to eat and we got gifts for the little kids. Then we drank for the whole week. I don’t know where we got all the alcohol but we never ran out. There were a lot of fights.

    So it is all different now. We did cook and eat well. I got and gave some nice gifts. We didn’t drink and no one got hurt. We went to several music and Church services. We lit candles and sang and drank coffee. Some of us served food at a homeless shelter. It was such a different world.

     I don’t know what my future Christmases will be but I am determined that my family will always be connected to the community that does not ask “What did you get?”




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