For Real by Katy Yazee

Image     I was in a convenience store and said to the young girl clerk that I liked not hearing the usual Santa jingles at the store. She tells me she doesn’t do Christmas. Then she added that she didn’t believe in God. I don’t know why she told me that or what she wanted me to do with that statement so I mumble something and leave. As I leave I think about what she said. Then I realized that she just said that Christmas had something to do with God. Most people don’t make that connection. I usually hear people say they don’t believe in the fake cheer or too much Santa Claus. I remember when I didn’t make the connection of Christmas with the birth of Jesus. I thought it was about drinking and broken promises and gifts for the little kids.

     So I felt a little cheer that even though she doesn’t believe in God, somehow she knows that Christmas is about God. Most people don’t know about Advent or the looking forward to celebrating God walking with us. But I do. I come late to Christian stuff. And I love the way we expect good things to happen and that we show compassion to those who are afraid of life.

     Christmas is about God, even with all the pressure to buy stuff. It is about knowing that our lives are worth something.


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