Advent Spirit by Kinda Yazee

Advent Spirit by Kinda Yazee

     It always comes back to my Grandmother. She was proud and didn’t let us act cool or posture or anything else we may have learned in school that was mean. I wore a typical tough girl outfit one time when we visited her with chains and black and a nose ring. She told me story after story of how the first people were destroyed by greed and malice. She ended with “Your grandfather walks in the Spirit World. All he wants to see is his beautiful granddaughter to be walking in beauty inside and out. You look like you have forgotten what it means to be Navajo.” She didn’t say anything else but I was ashamed. The next morning when we greeted the Sun with corn pollen, I was dressed respectfully. I felt complete as we thanked the good Creator for all things. These days I am in college and am carefully how I dress. As we light the Advent candles I feel clean and ready. As we each light a sage leaf from the candles, my first prayer of thanks is for my grandmother.




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