Metaphors by Jacob Nez

     One of my English classes talks about metaphors and how they reveal deep truths. So I came across this quote from Job that uses four metaphors in one sentence: heart, lips, spirit and breath. So, here goes my thinking about Advent.

     Job 33.4 “My heart assures me that I speak with knowledge, and that my lips speak with sincerity. For the spirit of God made me, and the breath of the Almighty gave me life.”

     My heart fills with joy even though I’m not expecting anything for Christmas. I like this season because I have been given a new life, one that has a real future in it. The breath of the Creator is like the wind in the trees. It can blow me over or greet me with a cool breeze. Advent is my time of thinking how good things are for me now and I owe it to the breath of God, finding me in the dark and showing me a way out.

Happy Advent.

The news of the death of Nelson Mandela has me adding a footnote. He was not a metaphor. He was flesh and blood, someone who died as he lived, someone without bitterness.




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