Granmother Dot (Dorothy Saucedo)

My dear Grandchildren:
My heart fills with such pride and joy every time I read your poems, your prayers, your psalms, your personal stories and about the journey you are now traveling.  It is in part due to the very special love that your Grandmother Kaze has for each of you.  It is also you courage to take her hand as she guided you to reach out to the Creator – the deep spiritualty that each of you held.  You held those deep within, from the stories that your elders, grandmothers, grandfathers told you about.  Once you opened your hearts, those stories and teachings poured out and you knew that the path you are now traveling was always meant to be.  You are now doing the work instilled into your being by our ancestors.
I’ve always believed that as native people we truly live “love thy brother as thou self…” and by the Grace of our Creator we continue to do so, especially through our children and grandchildren.  I see this through your daily actions of reaching out to help the homeless, those in need, having conversations with them and just acknowledging them says a lot about you.  I am so proud of you all.
I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Thankful for your service, doing the bidding and practicing by your actions what Jesus has called all of us to do.  
My love to each of you and may the Creator’s blessings always be with you.
“May beauty surround you.
Beauty above and below you,
Beauty behind and before you,
and may you travel on a road of
Peace and Harmony,
rejoicing in the power of the Spirit.”
Grandmother DorothyImage

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