Below the Surface by Kaze Gadway 3rd in Life Skills Series

 Paul Tillich:  “Like hit-and-run drivers we injure our souls by the speed with which we move on the surface, and then we rush away, leaving our bleeding souls alone.  We miss, therefore, our depth and our true life.  And it is only when the picture that we have of ourselves breaks down completely, only when we find ourselves acting against all the expectations we had derived from that picture, and only when an earthquake shakes and disrupts the surface of our self-knowledge, that we are willing to look, into a deeper level of our being.” 

     “I hate seeing my little brother cry,” says a youth as we have a late night coffee. “He doesn’t understand that he has to stand tough if he wants to survive. He’s got to get used to a lot more drama and a lot more s**t.”

     We are all quiet at that, each dwelling in our own memories.

     Finally one of the teenagers says, “I hope he doesn’t get used to it. I hope that he finds another way to live. He doesn’t have to be stuck in this.”

     Later, I thank him. “How did you know what to say?”

     He looked down at his shoes and then looked over my shoulder. “You told us once to always look for more, to not get hooked by the surface stuff. I remember that.”

     He continues, “I guess because of all those times we ask what we learn from this or what is sacred in this or even what did our grandparents teach us, I try to look for something more. It keeps me sane in the dark times.

     So that is one of our life skills—to always look for something more than surface stuff.

     It seems so simple.

In faith,










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