Being Vulnerable by Jay Begay

Bishop Steven Charleston  “Teach us that we are strongest when we serve the most vulnerable.”

     I don’t know why the tragedy in the Philippines so moves me.  I see people running for their lives and I feel for them. I read Bishop Steven yesterday and this sentence also spoke to me.

When I was younger I thought my strength came from being powerful. When we visited Skid Row, a man talked to me straight. He told me that it meant a lot that someone would actually talk to him rather than look the other way. I didn’t do anything big. I wasn’t accomplishing great things. I sat down with people and listened to them. I remember being scared to do so much nothing. I thought maybe I would fail because I had nothing to say and nothing to do. When I finally sat down among street people I felt like a man doing adult things. It was one of those god-things.



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