Those People by Joseph Begay


 While I was visiting the Rez I heard a white priest say to another white adult that they were not letting “those people” have any real responsibility in the diocese until they could prove themselves. It shocked me that in this time, on our land, that control of power was still the central issue. How does this person think we learn if not from being given responsibility and making our own mistakes. Also, we have been governing ourselves from before the time the Anglos stole our land.

     It hurt. It made me angry. It made me vow to not go back to the Rez where Natives are still treated like children from the Powers that Be.

     I came back to Albuquerque and vented loudly to my friends. We are not the only race that gets shafted.  Women and Gays have it hard too.

     I lit some sage and sat out under a tree with my friend. We have a long ways to go.

     I calmed down and begin to pray for all those still trapped in their own power.



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