Going Slow by Jeremy Blackwater

     I was following some old people out a building this week. Their motions were so slow. They reached for the door slowly as though they were considering other alternatives. I noticed the younger people behind them looking like they wanted to push them out of the way. I imagined myself moving that slow and wondering if it would help me to look below the surface.  I wonder if there is something to learn about not rushing, if there is a gift in getting older.

     So I slow down my walk and lean against a tree as though to catch my breath. I slowly lower myself to the ground and just look around me, taking my time.  It was amazing. I saw things that I had not seen there like the different kinds of grass and weeds around me. It was beautiful.

     Maybe this is what meditation is supposed to be—taking time to not rush, just slowly moving my head and seeing what is there outside and then going inside and looking at things slowly.

     Just a thought.



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