Problem Solving by Kinda Yazee

     I am watching  a feel good family show on tv at the college. Everyone is nice to each other and the problems are solved by the end of the day. I used to think there was something wrong with me  that things didn’t go as smoothly. Now I live with my cousin and her two kids and I look at their energy and hope and feel blessed.

     They fought with each other over the last pork chop and it was getting mean. Their mother asks calmly what they could do to solve their problem. They look at me and demand that I do something. I try to hide my smile and tell them to solve it themselves. They see the smile and turn to their mother for support. She laughs and gives them a hint. They look at both of us and frown. We smile back. Finally they decide to share the chop.

     Afterwards Katy and I talk about it and realize that we have given them tools for life. And we are on the same page in terms of discipline.

     I know when I marry and have children I will use the skills I learned in the Spirit Journey Youth.

     Yes, I wish I had had this kind of parenting but I know I can pass it on.





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