Michael McNew from Visceral Concepts

Michael and his friend John have been mentors to our Spirit Journey Youth at St. John’s Episcopal Church in LaVerne, Ca. They take them hiking to get white sage for our ceremonies. He has participated in one of our ceremonies for those who ‘walk in the Spirit world.” Thank you Michael for your involvement in our lives.

“I can be especially bad about sharing my gratitude when I’m down. If I feel like crap, it’s really the last thing on my mind. And that seems to be the common place. We, as a species, are less likely to do anything to make others feel better when we’re feeling bad. It’s almost as if there is something inside that says “I want you to feel like I do.”

And that’s a problem. If we’re ever going to see what we’ve really been given in life, we have to learn to be grateful for everything. Especially the challenges. You see, we have the ability to look at every set back in life one of two ways: it’s either an obstacle that stands in our way, or it’s an opportunity to show that we have what it takes. If those are your choices, why not choose the empowering one?

But, above all, vocalize that gratitude.”

Michael McNew




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