Spirit Words by Katy Nez

We watched some kids throw stones at a raven. My children got upset. My daughter ran up to them and said “stop.” The boys just laughed at her. I went up to them and told them that for us ravens were messengers and sacred to Mother Earth. Two of the boys just looked at us but one said “I’ve heard that. Sorry, we’ll leave.” He motioned to the others to go and to my surprise, they did.

     I don’t actually know a story to back that up but I know it is wrong to hurt any of the Creator’s birds so I’m okay with what I said.

    Later, I wondered why that popped into my mouth. Perhaps the Great Spirit motivated me. I think that when I said it was sacred, it appealed to the boy in some way. I think that our respecting the holy is something the other culture don’t do so much.

    I’m glad my kids saw me naming the holy. That might have been what it was all about.







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