Belief in God by Jeremy Blackwater


“So why do you believe in God?” asks a friend at college. I hate these conversations. There is so much back garbage to clear out before we can have a good conversation.


I try.  I tell him that things happen in my life that change me; that I used to be superficial, and wasted my life. One day it was like I just wanted something more, something important. And I started opening up a little and started trusting and started thinking about my future. I felt like I had been given another chance. That’s why I believe in God.


Since then good things keep showing up. Before, I couldn’t see them.


“Okay,” he says and we go our separate ways. Since then, I think a lot about God in my life but I am no better in explaining what happens to me inside. I know that I am connected to something profound and life lasting and that my life is defined by the mercy shown me to start over again and live a life of wonder.



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