Dull Times by Kinda Yazee

     Recently, my life seems sort of dull. I have a job, a home, good friends and a church family. It is everything I wanted even a year ago. Now it seems it is no longer interesting. So what is missing?

     I miss going on mission trips and with being with other young people who want to do something with purpose. I know this is about me so I am joining a group at the community college who is interested in sustainability. They do green projects and talk about giving our children a better world.

     I re-read our youth creed again and I like the last section on the Holy Spirit: “I believe in the God within us, the Holy Spirit, who opens us up when we are closed so we can see new things.  I believe that I can continue to change and grow, accepting forgiveness as a done deal, growing in the light.”

     This is my prayer for all those who are bored and have forgotten how to give thanks for the Creator’s gifts.



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