Prayer for the Young by Journey Team

Grandfather God, who opens the way for us to walk in beauty, we pray for those youth and children who are bored and have nothing to do. We pray that we may show the way so they look at us and are not afraid to try new things.

We ask you to be with them when they are abused or ridiculed for being Native or different in any way. Comfort them when they cry at night, and support them when they try to put on a brave face.

Keep working at the hearts of those who attack them.

Give your blessings to those teachers who work with these children and try to give them new images and new opportunities.

Give us courage and strength to reach out to those who are younger and let them know that they have second chances and great things are before them.

Let those of us who have turned eighteen and older not forget them in our hurry to be young adults.

We ask this in the name of the God who looks inside us and knows our secrets.  Amen




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