Houses of Rain by Jeremy Blackwater


Where do you go when it rains?

And the floods destroy

What is important

And what are memories.


I’m sitting in a house

Warm and dry

Staring out the window

Thinking of those who are wet.


I see cardboard homes wash away

Backpacks dripping on to the mud

Shirts and pants soaked

Everything smelling of damp.


Is this how the House sees the shutdown?

From inside a safe place

With jobs assured for life

And no thought for those in the rain?


I am afraid for my country.

I see those out of work

Wanting to protect their family

Seeing the rainy outside as their next home.


Even the birds seek shelter

And the wolves look for dens

And the turtles hide under rocks

Only street people have no where safe.


Do we care so little

For those without jobs,

Without safe homes

Without warmth and comfort?


My grandfather never turned away

From someone hungry

Or needing a place to sleep

Or even to recover from drinking.


Have we lost being decent?

Are we all like the House

Who fight for abstract rights

While sitting inside with comfort.


The House

My house

The streets

Are only homes if they protect.



Protect our nation

From indecent acts

Against those without homes.


Make me your hands and feet.Image




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