Journey Youth Team on Shutdown

The Shutdown hurts those who are Natives and those who are on the streets. More people are out of work and services will be cut off.

None of us understand why there are those in the House of  Representatives who are so in to their hatred of our President that they would mess with those in need.

We hear the racist talk against the President and how the conservatives are glad because he is being shown a lesson. But he is not the oneImage being hurt. We are.


Holy One, who comes again and again when we are down and we are up. You come to us at night when we wonder why things are so bad. You come to us in the awesome times when we pay attention. You come to us under the tree and in the sunrise. You come to us in the faces of those in the streets and those who search for food in the garbage. We pray for those who will be cut off from services and help while our government plays at posturing. May we who see the suffering in the streets help them through these hard times. May those who are suffering from floods and fires and other natural disasters see us responding with what we can do. As you do not turn away from us, may we not turn away from each other. In the name of our Creator who made us one people. Amen.





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