Validated by Jay Begay

     Not a good day yesterday. Someone I knew several years ago saw me working on a friend’s house and started giving me crap. I held my temper but I felt my identity being shredded. Why would I even care about what he says? I know that I have changed and I don’t want my past thrown in my face.

     After venting to my roommates, one asks me “What is really bothering you, dude?”

     That made me think. Sometimes I don’t want to be good or do what is right. Then I get scared that I am going to be hooked back into my old life. So I sat outside and lit the white sage. Soon I was joined by my friends and even the family whose house was flooded.

      We sat there smelling the sage. I felt like the smoke was connecting me to more than my past. I could sense my grandmother and my uncle. I knew somehow that I belonged to something big and that my worries were really small. Somehow I just felt hooked into God.





3 thoughts on “Validated by Jay Begay

  1. Ella Jones says:

    Being Native (Dine) and believing in your cultural beliefs and the Christian God is awesome — burning sage is and has always been good medicine for spirituality. Very good post.

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