Going Back to Roots by Katy Yazee

Image     I feel I am going back faster than those who have given up their religious background are going forward.

     I hear people say that the old ways no longer have meaning, no longer give identity. These are not just Natives. I’m hearing this from Anglos and Latinos and Blacks and Asians. They no longer have a community that supports them or a story that sustains them.

     This is so sad.

     Well, I am going back and relearning about my tradition and my community.

     It’s about my daughter and son. I don’t want them to be aimless and alone. I know they are going to intermix with other cultures and have a different story. But I want them to have roots. And I want them to practice those things that open them up to the spirit world while they are alive.

     So we visit the Rez. I expose them to their relatives. They participate in our ceremonies. They also go to the Episcopal Church and are exposed to the Christian practices. It’s all good. They are becoming a new kind of people.

     So we give thanks to the Creator every morning and we also pray from the Book of Common Prayer.

     Many people are leaving the Church and missing out on good things. Many youth are leaving the Native tradition and missing out on good things.

     It is sad.

     We all need a comprehensive story about who we are and a community who loves us and our heritage.

     I love my life and I want my kids to love the world they are in.


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