stopped by Kinda Yazee


Okay. I was rushing home from work when a dog appeared from nowhere and started growling at me. I stop breathing and walking and we just looked at each other. Old fears and stories of spirit animals circled in my head. The dog walked away and I saw a turtle in the grass. It had wandered out of the pond into the grass. I breathe easier. This is one of the water people. I felt safe. I slowly pulled out my small pouch and sprinkled corn pollen in four direction giving thanks to the Creator. I turn around and go another way and find a wall to sit on and think. I was rushing. I was stopped. I had to remember who I am. I honor the Creator and I pay attention. I don’t want to lose being a Native ever.


Thank you Holy Creator for sending me a sign to not lose my way.




3 thoughts on “stopped by Kinda Yazee

  1. Ella Jones says:

    Stop, look and listen ….. that’s what we’re told. Appreciation of all living creatures (humans too) brings love and peace. Very good story Kinda Yazee.

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