Numb and Dumb by Nathan Blackwater

Going to another party

Numb and Dumb

Stumbling home to sleep

Hating myself in the morning.


That used to be.

Me and my story

Good for nothing more

Stuck in the guck.


A fire engine races past me

It’s siren on fire alert

I quickly pray for mercy

Feeling for those who suffer.


How did I get from that to this?

From doing nothing to

Being More

To dwelling deep.


It started with just a toe

Dipping into a clear pool

When we gave out

Food and clothes.


I hid my disgust

And my anger

At those on streets

Begging for money.


I saw myself too much

My dead end future

In the eyes of those

Who gave up dignity.


The voice of my

Grandmother whispers near by.

“Share not give.

Listen not talk.”


Slowly the fearful faces

Begin to trust.

That we noticed them

And gave them respect.


We told our story

They told theirs

Together we wove

A common rug.


No dead ends

In this rug.

The frayed threads

Rewoven in a circle.


We are each others

Future and Past

Fire, water, food, weaving

circle into a whole of beauty.







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