Not So Bad by Nathan Blackwater

It ain’t so bad

To be so dark

To blend in shadows

Not leaving a mark.


“What are you?”

Is a question I hate.

It’s  skin they see

Not beyond  my face.


Can’t you look inside?

I’m smooth and rough

Shaped by disasters

And all that stuff.


I’m like everyone else

And yet that’s not so

I’m tied to the earth

Connected way below.


I’m Native to the bone

Brown skin and hair

Big bones, long nose

Beautiful to those who care.


I watch kids being taunted

When playing in the street

I quickly join them

So  I take the heat.


Eyes peek out

From heads hanging low

They hear me speak,

“Stay Brown, Bros.”


They start to grin

Moving around

I look with pride

Knowing I’m earth bound.


It doesn’t take much

To watch what goes in me

And what I pour out

Tied to the sky I see

Rooted in the dirt

Thank you Creator

For making me Native.



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