I Refuse by Reuben Wauneka

My life has been gnarled and twisted by pain and misery.

It feels as if there’s no way out of this wasteland of nothingness in my heart.

The periods of happiness only come  when I’m in the presence of beauty and love.

There’s no escaping this ugly, grotesque life of mine.

I’ve been hiding these demons, locking them away, these demons.

                    These demons,

that I’ve kept so long are starting to destroy me.

I want them to leave, but they refuse.

They just want one thing and one thing only,

But the problem is I won’t let them,

I refuse to let them take my life.

                   In the hard parts in my life they were in control.

They forced negativity in my heart


this is where the darkness consumed my love.

All the goodness vanished without a trace.

These demons told me everything was gone from my heart,

But I knew the love was still there,

somewhere deep down it flashes behind the eyes.

I’m told when someone looks they are mesmerized

    when they see the goodness

                                              start to rise.



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