Good Guilt by TY


I remember how bad I felt when I had stolen money from my mother.  Then someone told me that it was okay to feel bad. That feeling bad would help me remember that I chose poorly and maybe the next time I would think about how I felt.  Since then I have thought of all the emotions that I feel from happy to anger to sadness.  Feeling bad made me think. The same person told me that my shoulders slumped when I felt bad and I hung my head. So I have been noticing how I stand and even when I don’t feel good, I try to stand tall.

So I have been watching my brother’s son. When he does something bad he looks around to see if anyone noticed. I took him on my lap one day and talked to him. He is only three. I asked him if he felt bad when he threw his toy across the room. He teared up. I told him that it was good to feel bad when he did something wrong. He said in a tiny voice, “I’m sorry.” I told him that was a good thing to say because now he can feel happy again. He hugs me and jumps off my lap.

My brother’s girlfriend looks at me strangely. She says, “You have grown so much this past year. That is the best thing I have ever seen you do.”

I felt so proud that I could pass on what I learned.



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