Sage by Jacob Nez

When I became a man my grandfather gave me my medicine pouch. I keep stones from the four sacred mountains in it. I have flint to protect me. White sage that I have gathered also goes in. When I was a child my mother would burn sage and say that the smoke is a barrier against bad influences. She would leave some smoldering sage in a shell by my bed.

No matter how bad things go, I can always burn the sage and smell my ancestors who got energy from it. I don’t think I could pray to God without smelling sage.

As I live away from my family I think a lot of who I am and who I want to be. It all comes down to how we see the Creator. I pray all the time to the Creator to protect those I love and give them well being. I don’t ask for them to get rich or stay alive. I want them to have peace of mind, to be in balance, to walk in beauty.

I feel sad for those cultures that don’t have sage.



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