My Family by Reuben Wauneka

My FamilyImage

My life is a struggle with very few breaks

and it continues because life is never fair.

But there is always one thing that will remain mine.

And it doesn’t matter what demons lie in my path.

They are with me untill the end.

Their love is my courage,

Their faith is my love,

Their hopes are my goals.

And i will not fail them

for the hurt they carry in their hearts.

Is the pain that that i carry in my soul.

My family runs through my veins and I

hear them cheer me on as the blood

pumps through my heart and

passes through my ears.

There is no greater gift than my family

and their love.

They stand on each side of me

in life and through death.

and as i take this breath…

I remember my family, then say my prayers.




4 thoughts on “My Family by Reuben Wauneka

  1. p says:

    Beautiful Rueben! Thank you for sharing a very tender part of your soul with all of us. We think of you often, lifting you in prayer and surrounding you with love.

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