Shadows by Jeremy Blackwater

Her feet would be bare

Except for the bandanas

Waiting for a bus

Wearing 4 layers of clothes


No one snickers

Or even glances

She is invisible

Not even a shadow


I slow down

And say “What up?”

Shadows cross her face

Fear oozes out.


I don’t know

Her history of abuse

By men

Or strangers


I can only imagine

Living between spaces

Of neglect and abuse

Of safety and prison


Of a shaowed mind

That confuses time

That doesn’t distinguish

Between dark and light.


I step way back

To give her safe space

Yet I want to comfort

Knowing I can’t.


As I walk away

I see her breathe

I know I had to leave

Without doing anything.


I walk in shadows too.

Sometimes hiding

Sometimes visible

A foot in two places.


Will I always shift

Back and forth

When I feel safe

When I have courage?


I feel so linked

To family, friends

And so disconnected

To much around me.


Shadows help me to correlate

Hurt and elation

Vacant places and treasures

Me and them.


Maybe this is my calling

To join with invisible people

To never forget who I am

To be the bridge of shadows


May I not forget

How difficult it is

To step beyond

Yet stay firmly planted.




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