I Belong by Nathan Blackwater

I Belong

By Nathan Blackwater.


What is the way?

Do I have a say?

I walk at night.

Looking for a sight.

What  makes sense.


I’ve changed my friends

Changed my home

Changed my drives

Changed inside

Pulled to something big


Walk by the tracks

See huddled shapes there

Covered by newspapers

Am I better off?

Cause I have something.


When do I get to choose

What I get each day?

Some days bright

Some days dead

Some days disappear.


I go back to the tracks

Sit down with those sleeping

Wonder what’s in their heads

What do they hope?

How do they question?


I stay till the sun rises

I give thanks for my life

That’s’ all I have

It’s enough to connect

I know I belong.Image


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