The Native American Journey Youth are holding small youth meetings to continue our reflections and spiritual growth. We are studying quotes that speak to us.

If you wish to share your thoughts on the quotes please do so.

Please do not offer advice to the youth who contribute. This is our blog and we want to keep it safe.

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We invite anyone who is Native American or works with Natives to contribute to this blog. Send it to me at my e mail. Send pictures, videos, essays, meditations, quotes, poetry anything that will feed us.

August 1st.

Rumi “Those of you who are scattered, simplify your worrying lives.”

Question from Leader:

  1. What word or phrase speaks to you?
  2. How does this quote remind you of something in your life?
  3. What do you think God wants you to learn from this?

Here are some of the reflections when we held this youth meeting in July.

Youth One “I get confused when I think of all the things my family wants me to do. I want to move away and stop getting in the middle of all the drama. I want a job, maybe get a certificate in welding, get a place to live. I am tired of my family demanding the money I earn after school and guilting me on deserting the family. I’m tired of it all. I’m not sure but I hope that God wants me to find something I want and go for it even when everyone else wants me to do something different.”

Youth Two “It’s not as easy as the quote makes it sound. How do I simplify my life? Maybe God wants me to explore doing lots of things. The only thing I can think of is not letting all the different things I want to do get in my way of finding out what I really want to focus on. I don’t know what that is.”

     For me, when I focus on the most important thing I want to do and figure out the next step, I discover that everything else falls in place. Right now I want to find the job that will use my gifts and let me grow in deeper ways. So community collegel keeps me in place until I do know what I want.

We would enjoy hearing from you on how you simply your life.

Jay Begay


7 thoughts on “Scattered

  1. Jeremy Blackwater says:

    When I am too scattered I pray and think of the last street person I talked to. I am sure that he/she is only thinking for food or a place to sleep. It puts things in place.

  2. Timothy Graham says:

    The thing that I notice in the quote is the word “worry”. Most of the people that I talk to worry about all sorts of things that they have no control over. Worry can take over our lives. in the bible we read that worry cannot add a single minute to our lives (Matthew 6:27). Worry does the opposite. It takes away from our lives. When we worry we have less and less energy to do something positive with our lives. Our lives would be simpler if we let go of worry, trust God more, trust ourselves enough to believe in a better future……then, our lives would be more simple….and happier!

  3. katy Yazee says:

    Teaching my kids our tradition keeps me on track. When too many things bother me I think of the next story I am going to tell them.

  4. David Packard says:

    My wife and I work together to simply our lives. We are focused on our grandchildren getting a good college fund.

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